The fishes are confused in searching for the sea.
Find what you can’t lose, BE FREE.  –Kirtana

When it comes to our sexuality, it’s important that our experiences be positive and affirming. The awakening of sexual energy opens a portal into the psyche that permits words and experiences to penetrate deeply into our Soul. If our experiences are good, then we feel safe, nurtured, and respected. If those experiences are not respectful, they can have devastating consequences on our self-esteem, confidence, and overall mental and physical health.

We search for pleasure to offset the pain and stress of daily living. But as we all know, pleasure is fleeting. How do we discover and retain the deeper joy and fulfillment in our bodies and living experiences that we see promised in the world around us?

Of all our organs, the brain is still the least understood. Science has yet to master the mind, yet we know it is the creator of all the stress in our lives. It has a life of its own (try shutting it off), and often exhausts our energies. The skin is our largest organ. It holds untold mystery and ecstasy. It has rapturous potential, potentials we may not even know. The inner life and sensations of energy running through the body can bring us indescribable joy if we stop and pay attention to them when they arise.

For thousands of years, Tantric Taoist and Yogic practitioners realized the profound connection between the mind and the body. They found that merging these two aspects of our being brought waves of pure bliss. Tantra, as a sexual/spiritual practice, can be found in every culture in every part of the world. Its roots are in our DNA, the memories of which are deeply embedded in our psyche. Why is it that an increasing number of people are becoming interested in Tantra? Is it because we are fed up with the old ways of viewing our bodies and our sexuality as something less than spiritual? Perhaps our evolution is moving us towards wholeness and our instincts tell us that this evolution must include our sexual natures.

In my experience, I have noticed that we all have some need for sexual healing. In fact, any healing modality that doesn’t address our sexuality is not addressing the complete human being. The mind and body must heal together. To be nourished and fulfilled in these areas of our lives gives us radiance, vitality, and youthful enthusiasm.

In our sessions together, I wish to help you unfold in yourself the glorious mysteries of your own heavenly body and to penetrate the multi-layered landscapes of the mind, where all creation begins. This voyage can bring you in direct contact with your True Self. Before beginning this journey, it’s important to give you some information about your mind, your body, and your sexual and spiritual nature.

The following information will explore teachings and methods I have found effective for living and maintaining a more vital, youthful, and joyful life. I invite you to start at the top of the column of topics and move down, one by one. Because the writing is sequential, this approach will help you build a clearer understanding.

You do not need to read all this information before booking a session with me. However, these writings will give you a greater understanding of the methods and philosophies that I use in this practice and will help inform and prepare you for a session.

Before you begin, I want to thank you for reading this material with an open mind. Some of what is written here may seem radical. And in some ways it is. I encourage you to revisit these writings several times to deepen your comprehension and assimilation of these teachings and practices.

I look to nature as my teacher.
I look to my body as the knower of what I know.