About Arorah Hsien Hsuan

My interest in Eastern arts and philosophy came early in my life. The workings of the body and mind both confused and fascinated me. The abstract questions about God and the universe were the ring I cut my spiritual teeth on since I was first inspired to ask, “Why am I here?” I was born in the middle of five daughters (no boys). This event created in me a continual curiosity about the opposite sex. It has been with great fervor and sometimes great wonderment that I have found myself with the calling of Dakini and Tantric Priestess. In my primary years, I never dreamed that I would be exploring the tenets I have been involved in practicing these last years. Yet if I were to pass from this life today, I would believe that I have lived and learned exactly what was right for me. Therefore, to my teachers, both past and present, I owe a great deal of gratitude.

I have been initiated as a practitioner of The Immortal Way Tantric Yoga and Qi Gong and have the title of “Lineage Holder.” My other initiations include the Taoist White Tigress Lineage and refuge with Master Lin Yun in Black Sect Tantric Buddhism. I have certifications in Yoga, Taoist Massage, Qi Gong, Feng Shui, and Re-connective Healing. For many years I studied Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Macrobiotics from well-known teachers. As an actor (MFA, Brandeis University) and teacher, I have performed and taught acting in the Boston area. I teach Yoga and Pilates as well as workshops on Taoism and Yoga practices including Feng Shui, Shen Gong, Inquiry, and Meditational practices. I am one of the first students in the US to learn the Healing Tao Massage. It is with great sincerity that I offer these Ceremonies to my clients.

The name Arorah means Woman (or Priestess) of power. Hsien Hsuan is Chinese for Mysterious Immortal. These names are given to me as a container that allows me to perform the sacred rites of the Dakini and Tantric Practitioner.

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