Arorah Hsien Hsuan may be available by request to lead classes and workshops in body and mind restoration and empowerment. Programs are always customized to individual group needs.  They can be held in the Boston area or at your location if desired.  Sessions designed and led  included the 3-day workshop June 9-11, 2013, by request of One: Om in Houston Heights, TX, program entitled, “Taoist Immortal Exercises for a Lifetime of Youthfulness and Beauty: Rejuvenating, Balancing, and Empowering Your Female Sexual Energy.”

“Arorah Hsien Hsuan is a beautiful goddess who leads individuals back to healing and discovery of self through Taoist Tantric and Yogic Practices.” — Anne Stanley, MAOM, L.Ac., DipOM (NCCAOM), Founder & Director, OneClassicOm.Com

Those interested in engaging Arorah Hsien Hsuan to design and lead a program or in enrolling in one of her seminars or workshops may contact her via