Tara Statue in Tara Mandala, Colorado

“A female embodiment of enlightenment is called a dakini in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. But what exactly is a dakini? Dakinis are elusive and playful by nature; trying to nail them down with a neat definition means missing them, since defying narrow intellectual concepts is at the core of their wise game.” — Excerpted from “Dakini Power: Extraordinary Women Shaping the Transmission of Buddhism in the West,” by Dr. Michaela Haas.

Arorah Hsien Hsuan has been certified to perform the sacred rites of the Dakini and Tantric Practitioner.  To learn more about the Dakini — which in Sanskrit means “a female messenger of wisdom” — I am privileged and delighted to refer you to Dr. Haas’s glorious website, “Dakini Power.”