Healing Tao Massage is a unique Tantric method known to rejuvenate and revitalize a person’s Ching (sexual energy), Qi (life force), and Shen (Spirit). This sensual and effective massage was first created for the Emperors of China to help increase their stamina, vitality, and longevity. Each Emperor had many wives, concubines, and consorts who depended on him to maintain a strong libidinal constitution for healthy offspring and personal pleasure. Massage helped to stimulate his vital energies, while also giving him a relaxing and luxurious respite from his daily duties. This massage was meant to be as pleasurable and sensual as possible. For this reason, trust and a positive attitude were necessary elements for its success. A female Taoist who practiced giving this massage was taught to always approach it with great sincerity, kindness, and compassion. Every aspect of his senses was to be taken into account and engaged.

This particular massage begins by relaxing the muscles and joints, known as Chin Sung, and focusing on breathing into the lower “Tan Tien” (abdomen and lower back). Unique and specific techniques are used to knead and open blood flow in the joints and muscles of the body. This helps to release stagnant Qi which can then be used to awaken Ching and move it into channels that benefit revitalization.

When we are “stressed out,” our valuable life force (Qi) is being wasted on thoughts and emotions that steal our vitality and give us nothing back.  When we breathe correctly and relax, this frees lost energy which returns to us to feed our organs and cells. This is why we begin the massage with breathing and relaxation. In this way, Taoists say we can turn stress into vitality.

The second part of the Healing Tao Massage is what makes this practice unique. Again, using specific massage techniques and precious Jade stones, we warm and stimulate what the Taoists call the 12 cavities and Eight Subtle Qi Meridians, including the Jen Mo Meridian. These Eight Subtle Meridians are the channels in which Ching is accumulated and mobilized. When the Eight Subtle Meridians are obstructed, neither Ching nor Qi can move through the channels properly. The stimulation of these subtle meridians is crucial for revitalization. The techniques used to do this are known as Qi Chu (Qi Stimulation) and Ching Hsing (Activating Sexual Energy).

The benefits of having this massage done regularly cannot be underestimated. Subtle but powerful shifts in a person’s energy level can be experienced, as well as the ability to cope with stress.  A person may notice increased vitality and stamina. There is no indication of being depleted or drained, like one sometimes feels after a long massage. This elegant massage is an exquisite sensual and spiritual journey providing profound physical and mental relaxation, and liberation from stress, which then allows for an overall intense, heightened, and blissful experience. After completing this massage, one feels centered, peaceful, and filled with balanced, productive energy. It is not uncommon to feel deep joy and youthful exuberance as well.

A common cry in today’s fast-moving society is the plea to bring the
sacred back into everyday life… we are aware there is something missing
in our lives, but we don’t know how to reclaim it… When we talk of the
sacredness of water, we try to encourage people to view water as magical,
mysterious, an all-powerful substance that gives us life.

The Healing Energies of Water by Charlie Ryrie

Our bodies are made up of about 75% water. The brain is also made up of 75% water. Water is the most yin of all the elements. It is also the most cleansing and healing. This is why Tantriks often begin many of their sensual encounters with some form of water therapy. Water helps to clean our bodies, minds, and psyche of the day’s stress. The softness of the water soothes muscles and joints, opens the pores and begins to create the act of receptivity and relaxation. Both of these qualities are essential in the revitalization process and help to make the Healing Tao Massage more effective.

In many Eastern cultures, the bathing of the feet has great significance.  It is a way of showing honor and respect to a guest or loved one. Reflexology points on the feet and legs connect to the organs of the body, including the eyes, ears, and brain. Bathing the feet relaxes the mind and the body, and begins to bring a person into more receptive yin energy. The foot bath also had positive psychological and emotional effects. In my practice, it also gives me a chance to harmonize my energies with my clients before beginning the massage. This allows for greater trust and comfort in our session.

Taoists discourage the use of alcohol to get drunk. Excessive drinking is hard on the liver and kidneys, two organs known for creating and restoring Ching. Of all fruits, peaches are the most yang. Taoists found that there was a restorative quality in peaches when they were fermented. This process created an elixir that stimulates blood circulation and brings a heightened euphoric state. It is also an excellent preventive medicine for heart concerns. For these reasons, a small amount is often used before Tantric practices.

I have tried making peach brandy myself but with very little luck. However, I have discovered a delicious peach French liqueur made from only hand-picked peaches. Its name is Mathilde and may be found in most liquor stores.

Chinese men and women knew many secrets for increasing their Ching (semen and sexual energy) long before Viagra was invented. Tonic and regenerating herbal teas are a safe, natural way to intensify personal pleasure while strengthening vital energy.

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